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We are extremely pleased to announce that this month MSC UK achieved an industry first with the successful delivery of the first ever export shipment of atmosphere controlled fresh produce using the MAXtend product out of the north west continent.
The shipment of blueberries was transported from The Port of Felixstowe to South Africa in a controlled atmosphere opposed to a standard temperature controlled unit. This allowed for the oxygen levels to be greatly reduced, slowing respiration and placing the produce in a state similar to ‘suspended animation’. This process maximises storage and shelf-life, producing minimal moisture loss, peak freshness and therefore maximising potential profits for our customers.
Reefer Commercial Manager at MSC UK, Gary Butcher commented, “We were so pleased for MSC to have the opportunity to facilitate the export of blueberries from the UK to South Africa. We were confident that by partnering with MAXtend we would be able to deliver an excellent service to our customer, competing with the alternative of moving perishable cargo by air.”
Although there are a small amount of other controlled atmosphere units being used in the industry, these often have to be moved to the desired location for the origin load which can be both time and cost intensive. Working with the MAXtend product, MSC is able to use a normal reefer container turning it into an atmosphere controlled unit making loading at short notice possible.
On delivery of the blueberries, the receiver was very pleased with the condition of the produce, reporting minimal loss and sustained quality. A great result for all involved.
We are confident we can extend this service to new trades next season and welcome any enquiries about atmosphere controlled containerised shipments.
The man driving this project, Simon Guy (Export Reefer commercial) concluded,  “Our team got a real ‘buzz’ knowing that we were not only delivering exceptional customer service but also in the knowledge that we were driving an industry first. I had no doubt that the product would arrive in peak condition with very limited loss. We will definitely look to extend this service to further trades and commodities in 2014 and I look forward to fulfilling new orders in this area. It has been a great achievement for MSC and I’d like to thank all those who have supported our team in the successful delivery of this cargo.

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